Vision. Commitment. Results.

Black Bear Woodworking & Fine Cabinetry is a division of Maguire Construction, Inc. Although we are recognized apart from Maguire Construction, the same quality craftsmanship, diversity in styles and finishes, and personnel has been an invaluable service within Maguire Construction's exceptional custom home construction for 20 years.

Our custom cabinetry shop was created to fulfill needs specific to Maguire Construction's unique clients and their homes. A custom cabinet shop operating within Maguire Construction's envelope ensured the highest quality product, controlled lead times, and allowed for installation and maintenance guarantees. More importantly, this broke our clients free of constraints from outside cabinet manufacturers, presenting the opportunity to craft a completely unique product with unmatched quality.

Black Bear Woodworking & Fine Cabinetry is an evolution of Maguire Construction's already reputable custom cabinet shop. It was created to bring greater attention to our custom cabinetry beyond just Maguire Construction's residential projects. We bring our exceptional craftsmanship and service to any project, working honestly and efficiently with general contractors, private home owners, architects, and designers. No project is too large or too small, and our quality of work is guaranteed.